Sunday, May 1, 2011


Today was really nice. We got to sleep in because church wasn't till 1pm. So at one we went to church in the Hyde Park ward which is a pretty big ward. Testimony meeting was great because all the testimonies were very heartfelt. Then we had a special meeting with just our group and the Stake President. He was a great man and very spiritual, our little meeting was amazing and I felt the spirit really strong during it. The stake president challenged us to get out of our comfort zones and really try to serve the people in the wards we are being assigned to and that if we do we will become stronger people and will be blessed to know ourselves better. After that the lady who taught the relief society lesson taught on personal revelation and it was great. The way she taught really reminded me of my mom though so that made me miss home a little.
this is the building I go to school in and we went to church in. The rest of my time here I will be going to church in a building about an hour away.

After church the rest of my day was pretty chill. We ate and did some planning for our travel week when 5 of us are going to Spain. if anyone has suggestions on places to go there, don't be shy to suggest! :) Then we had a little fireside with our teachers about how the arts and religion intersect, it was great. Overall just a peaceful Sunday. Going to church really makes this place feel like home! :)

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  1. So what will you be doing in the ward you are assigned to? I haven't been to Spain but you should ask grandma that was one of her very favorite places to visit of all her travels.