Sunday, May 22, 2011

Sleepy Sunday

So I hate to admit it but I was so asleep through this whole Sunday. I went to church and it was good. They had a whole family speak in Sacrament meeting and that was interesting but I really had to do everything in my power to keep myself awake. After church I took a much needed nap and caught up on some of the stuff I had missed during the week.
Our fireside this Sunday was everyone talking about their experiences on their trips. So it was cool to hear what everyone did but it got kind of ridiculous because some groups literally told us EVERYTHING! and it really was just way too long. So Camille was our spokesman but she did a really good job at keeping it really short. After the fireside we all had corners which is this yogurt treat that I'm totally addicted to now which it kind of okay because they are probably better for me than the chocolate that is my usual staple and they are really cheap.
So I'm kind of cheating on my picture today because nothing was really picture worthy but since we shared pictures during the fireside I figured I could share another one from my trip.

This is me by one of the 3 crosses. It really was the most beautiful view of the city.
After the fireside I basically just went to bed. Like I said before, I was really tired. I wasn't tired the whole time in Spain and the girls I was with thought I was cray for it, among other reasons but I totally crashed when I got home.

the bottom of this is a quote by Gaudi that I really like.
So not too exciting but that was my Sunday.

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