Friday, May 13, 2011

Ellys only day

no I didn't spend the day alone but I did spend the whole day with a fabulous girl who shares my name. Ellie Hall and I had wonderful adventures today. It all started on the way to the underground station and we got a little side tracked by H&M. And by a little side tracked I mean we spent 2 hours there, but you cant really blame us because there were 3 floors. It was really fun shopping with Ellie because we have similar taste and more than once I would find something cute but put it back because it was too short and then the Ellie who is a few inches shorter would come along and try it on, it was pretty funny. We found some pretty cute things and Ellie bought some of them. The things I found were a little out of my price range but there was one dress that if I keep thinking about I might have to go back and get.
So after our shopping detour we got to our tube station, I was happy to be there and Eliie was happy to have clothes! :)

So we went to a part of time we had never been to just to try a lunch place that was recomended in one of our tourist books. Well the part of town reminded me a lot of home......the monument street part of home...or the Oakland part of home! not really the greatest neighborhood. Well we held onto our purses a little tighter and went to find the restaurant but when we got there it was more of a night club than a place to eat.

so we had a good laugh and went to a little cafe place where we actually had really good food.

After our lunch adventure we decided to go to Greenwich and the Prime Meridian. So we got on a train and with some confusion, some figuring out and a lot of laughter we got ourselves there.

On the train
Once in Greenwich, which a super cute little town we went in a book store, took pictures by a stereotypical red phone booth and found our way to the Royal Observatory.

We may have also gotten side tracked by a really cute little coffee, ice cream and cake place. One thing I've learned about being with Ellie is that we both have a weakness for sweets so if we are just with the two of us it can kinda be a problem. But it was worth it because they had Hokey Pokey ice cream and really good chocolate cake.

So after our sweet break we made our way up to the observatory

we stood in two hemispheres at once, A walk to Remember has got nothin on us.

We also went through the museum part really quickly, Ellie actually kept up with my museum speed which was great.

After that Ellie and I decided to try and find this little garden that we spied from the observatory. We found it and it was absolutely beautiful. I really loved just sitting in it and just enjoying the sounds and ambiance of the afternoon. It really was like a movie set, birds were chirping and everything.

After that we headed home. It really was a great day and it was kind of fun because neither of us had a watch so we really didn't know what time it was all day long.

Just a great Ell(y/ie) day! :)

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  1. What a fun day! What did you do to your finger by the way? It looks like its taped.? It's always an adventure to get lost a little.