Friday, May 6, 2011

Better than a family of munchkins

So I think I will explain my day backwards so I can explain my title. So tonight we went to Wicked the musical. It was amazing and so fun and great and fantastic and I loved it!! So I have seen it before so I wasn't sure I really wanted to go but I'm so glad I did. So now to explain my title. So we were sitting at the back of the floor seats and we were commenting on how we didnt want anyone tall to sit in front of us and I said "wouldn't it be great if a family of Munchkins sat in front of us" because then we could see really well. Well no one sat in front of us and at intermission Preston and I decided that that was even better than a family of Munchkins. :) It was great and we had wonderful seats.

we also had a fun chocolate experience at intermission. Brie bought me a chocolate bar for cutting her hair, yes I even have clients in London! anyways we put the bar in Ellie's purse and it melted but we decided to eat it anyway, it was fun.

So after Wicked we were all craving non melted chocolate so we went to the grocery store on the way home and the girls all got very girly things. Preston got crumpets and Tea. We were grateful to Preston for putting up with us tonight. As Katie so lovingly put it "he's just marinating in Estrogen on this trip" so funny.

So this morning we went to the National Theater for a tour. It was really intersting. Our tour guide ws great and she new a lot but was also very theatrical so it made it a fun tour. We got to see basically everything that goes in to a show and it was amazing to see all the people it takes for one show. It really made me realize that the actors are really just like the cherry on top, usually my favorite part but without the ice cream, the hot fudge and bowl and spoon you wouldn't have a sundae. Anyways, it was cool because we got to see them putting together the set for a show that we are going to see later in our stay here. My favorite part was when she took us into the painting room and wee got to see them dirtying up a canvas that had wallpaper painted on it because it was going to be inside a pub, it was very cool. I really loved everything about the tour and it really made me miss my friends back home who like to do all the different parts that in the end make up a show. :)
that was basically my day, with some homework in between.

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