Saturday, May 21, 2011

Home again, or London again!

So after the past few days were I have had a ton to write about it's nice that my next few days were pretty simple.
In the morning we got up and ready to go home to London. On our way we stopped at our favorite panaderia one more time and basically bought the place out.

We spent the rest of our Euros there and it was great. I'm pretty sure that old lady loved us by this time.

SO then we went to the airport and finished off our spoils then got on the plane and flew back to Madrid.

Then in Madrid we had a few hours in the airport but it really wasn't bed because we just talked the whole time and honestly it was pretty fun. I know I've said this before but I really loved the group I went with, we really got along well. We also had really gross airport food. Then we got on the plane and flew back to London. The girls who stayed in Madrid were on our flight too so that was pretty fun to see them. Then we got on the train and got home. It was an interesting feeling because it really felt like we were coming home even though this really isn't our home but I guess it is for now. It was really fun t see at the people I hadn't seen all week and swap some stories but I basically just went to bed because the next day was back to leaving at 7:30 for church and I was really tired.

Camille was making fun of my sunburn because I basically had a sunburned uni-brow. It was pretty funny.

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