Sunday, May 8, 2011

two tours and a pastry

So as the title suggests my Saturday consisted of two tours and a pastry. So in the morning we took a tour of the globe theater.

Our tour guide was very animated and obviously loved his job. While we were on the tour we couldn't take pictures because there were actors rehearsing on the stage. It was really cool to see and I'd rather see that then take pictures anyway. After the actors were done we were able to take pictures.

The coolest thing about that was that one of the actors was Joseph Marcell who is the actor who played Geoffrey on The Fresh Prince of Bel-air. We also saw him later when we were walking from one tour to the other. I thought it was pretty cool but some people were totally freaking out over him, which I thought was kind of silly.

The thing I found most interesting during the tour is when the guide talked about what people would wear to the theater and how heavy the clothes were and how the man would stuff their tummies to make them look fat because if you were fat you were wealthy enough to afford all the food you wanted and if you were fat you were attractive. I like their way of thinking! :)

After our Tour of the Globe we went to the Rose Theater site and had a tour-ish thing there. The Rose was interesting because right now it's just an excavation site with a office building over it. The developers of the building made sure not to damage anything important while they built their supports for the building but it was still pretty odd because we were basically in the cellar of a office building looking at basically just an outline they had done with lights telling us where the original walls and stage were. The thing I really didn't like about the rose tour was that the woman who gave it was more of doing a sales pitch to help support their efforts to make this a better tourist site. It was just really odd and I felt like I was in an hour long infomercial instead of a tour.

So after our tours Cami, Cali, Ashlee, Ellie and I went to Portabello Road again so that Ellie could buy a ring she had been thinking about all week and so that the other girls could look for scarves. The reason I went......To get another pastry the size of my head! :) Ellie and Cali also shared their Jamaican Food with me and I bought them the apple cream turnovers too. I'm pretty sure I got them addicted too! :) It was great and Cali and Ellie both got some artsy pictures of our eating experience.

So those were the highlights of my day.

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