Sunday, May 8, 2011

My Mother

So because it is Mother's day I have been thinking a lot about what I could give my mother. I figured since I'm half way around the world that a verbal present would be the best so here it is!

Why I Have the best mother for Me.
She taught me to be a strong, independent, assertive woman.

~because of my mother I have never been afraid to ask for something I want. I have the ability to do things for myself and I am pretty convincing too, this all came from my mothers example.
She taught me how to cook.
~ this seems like a silly thing but it amazes me how many people my age have no idea how to cook. I'm so grateful that my mother has passed on to me her skills of cooking, because of this I am able to make a meal from whatever random things I have in my cupboards. I could totally win Chopped :)
She taught me how to walk really fast.

~living in London has made me realize that I walk a lot faster than most people, I know his comes from my mom because I use to have to keep up with her. I'm grateful for this skill because it really keeps me from wasting time!
She taught me to be clean and organized.
~ I know she won't believe this but I really have become a tidy person. From all the years of hearing "don't put it down, put it away!" I have learned that having a clean and organized livins space makes life more relaxing and pleasant. Living with people who don't understand this makes me really grateful that I have learned this.
She taught me to shop for quality, style and a bargain.
~ there really isn't a better shopping companion for me than my mother. Her and I have similar styles and always have fun shopping together. I'm so glad I leaned the importance of buying good quality and good prices instead of buying for the brand.
She taught me how to travel light and fast.

~I attribute the fact that I can come to London with only a carry on to the fact that my mother taught me how to pack sensibly. I also am grateful when I have her as a Museum buddy because no one gets through them quite like we do.
She taught me how to be a teacher.
~ I have never been affraid to lead or take charge in a group. I love to teach to and this mostly comes from my admiration for my other and her strong teaching and leading skills. There really is no better teacher than my Mother.
She taught me to be loving.

~I have learned all from my mothers example the importance of loving other people, even when it is hard to do. I have also never wondered if my mother loved me, she always has and I have always known it. I hope my children can say that about me when I'm a mom.
She taught me how to be excited.
~ the cutest thing my mom does is when she gets really excited. anyone in my family knows what I'm talking about. Well I've seen to have developed this same trait. And even though my sisters tease and say "I pull a mom" when I do it, I take that a a compliment.
And last but not least she gave me her good looks but was nice enough to let me have some of dad's height! ":)
~Everyone tells me that I look just like my Mother and I really don't think their is any greater compliment because my mother is beautiful.
And so much more.
~I could keep going on forever because you have taught me so many wonderful things.

Mother I love you, Mother I do,
Father in Heaven has sent me to you,
when I am near you, I love to hear you,
whisper so softly that you love me too.

Mother I love you, I love you, I do.


  1. Very Sweet Elly. I would totally watch you on Chopped! Have fun and be safe in London. PS I love your mom too:)

  2. You know, I made it all the way through mothers day without crying, up until the last 15 minutes of it, all because of you reminding me how much I miss my own mother with this. I think our mothers would get along were they ever to meet.

  3. Elly, I'm so glad you're doing a blog on your trip! And I love all your're so funny (too much naked art). You've already seen and done so much, what a great experience. This last post is so sweet. I love your mom too!