Friday, May 6, 2011

Horses and Little Eagles

So today was a very full day. We had originally planned on going on the Bus Tour around London but when we went outside to leave it was raining so we decided to change our plans. Most people were really sad that it was raining but I was actually pretty excited because that was the weather I was expecting so all the hot sun we were getting was making me question if I was actually in London or not! :)

So Cami Ashlee and I decided to go to Buckingham Palace and when we got there there were a lot of other people there and we didn't know what was going on but thanks to a lovely guide book given to me by Tyler and Saffron we learned that we got there just in time to see the changing of the Guards. Unfortunatly it started to rain really hard and they cancelled it due to the bad weather so we didn't get to see it which was a bummer. It also made me think about what they do if they cancel it, do the guards on duty just have to stay there for longer? We didn't hang around long enough to find out. After a few pictures we decided to head over to the Queen's Mews which is where the horses and carriages and cars are kept.

So the Mews was really interesting to me. It wasn't very expensive and we got free audio tours so that was great. some of the highlights for me included:

~seeing the carriage that Will and Kate rode back in from the Abby was cool. It had its top on so it looked different but still cool.

~Seeing the newest carriage in the collection which happened to be a present from the people of Australia.

~ Seeing one of the Queen's cars, which I learned was specially designed to be extra tall so that she can stand up before getting out. That reminded me of Princess Dairies when she says, "a queen never slides" :)

~The other thing I found really interesting was the Coronation Carriage. It weighs 4 tons and to get it out of the room it's displayed in they have to move the wall. It's pretty cool.

After going to the Mews we went to see Westminster Abby and Parliament in the day light. It was cool to see. Am I such a dork that I want to go to a session of Parliament more than I want to go through the Abby?

After all of that we decided to go to the Tate Britain, not to be confused with the Tate Modern. It was pretty interesting but there was way too much naked art for me!

this is the museum.

After that we went home for a little before we went to the play Little Eagles.
Little Eagles was an amazing play. It was all about the race to space but form the Soviet side. The main actor was amazing. Some of the best acting I've ever seen, really. The play was really intense and usually I don't like that but it was done really well. Its a brand new play so I would recommend it but in less you are in London you can't see it. I really enjoyed it.

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  1. That gold carriage is insane! Sounds like you guys made a pretty good day of the rain! Did you get to see a session of Parliament? I actually think that would be very interesting, but I guess Im a dork too so that doesn't really help your case!