Friday, May 20, 2011

Gaudi Day

So after our late night the night before, Friday we slept in which felt great. So the first thing on our agenda was Park Guell which was designed by Antoni Gaudi who is a really big deal in Barcelona Spain. The park was covered with tourists but it was amazingly beautiful it didn't even matter. So the park is basically built into a mountain side and had a bunch of different paths all over it. The further you got up, the better the views and the less tourists there were so it was really nice.
So I apologize for all the pictures but I really liked this park. so here we go

This is an example of the mosaic style that was all over this park. so cool

This was a cute little path we found. As Katie put it" I wish I had a man with me instead of a bunch of girls, this would be so much more romantic" so funny

Ellen and I

Me at the entrance of the park, you can kind of get a feel for how many tourists were there.

This was one of the buildings there, this was a more normal one.

So at the very top is the famous three crosses. So funny story, while I was up there a Spanish lady asked me to take her picture so I did and then she took one for me, then she took me by the hand and took me to each side to take pictures, it was really cute and made me laugh.

So if anyone is a Cheetah Girls fan they will understand this picture. The second Cheetah Girls movie is filmed in Barcelona and a big part is in this park so not only did we sing the song like our entire Spain trip but we took a picture.

Views from the top, so beautiful.
So after the park we went for a walk down a street that our Hostel worker friend suggested because it was more authentic Barcelona. It was really cool and very authentic. We ate lunch at a one of the squares and even though it was Thai food, not Spanish it was really good and a fun experience after being in a place that was crawling with tourists.

After that we went to the Sagrada Familia which is a church that was designed by Gaudi. It was amazing, really like nothing I have ever seen. It's pretty cool because Gaudi died before he could finish it so ever since it's just been added to and it's a continual project so it was really interesting to see all the additions. So these pictures really don't do it justice but it really is the most unique, inside and out church I have ever seen.

The outside. It looks like a drip castle.

The inside just absolutely breath taking.
So after the Cathedral we went to Las Ramblas which is the main street of Barcelona with a bunch of very touristy shops. We had churros con chocolate which is the best thing ever!!!! The chocolate is so thick and yummy, its just awesome.

After our treat we all got Barcelona shirts and Camille especially made friends with one of the shop owners. Not really, he kind of hated her but it's a really long story.

Besides tourist stuff, Las Rambles had amazing flowers and these were my favorite! :)

After that we went home to learn how to cook an authentic pasta dish from our Hostel worker Valle who was very Italian.
So Valle was awesome! he and Katie got a long really well because they had the same taste in music. So he taught us how to cook pasta like his grandma use to do it.

It was so much fun and really one of my favorite things of the trip. Then we ate it with the whole group at the hostel and it was just really great.

After dinner we went went to a fountain show at a park near our house, it was really cool and a great end to our day. We were going to go dancing again but we were all way too tired and just slept till the next morning.

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