Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Ready to go!

So Tuesday was an interesting day because the whole day was spent preparing for our trip to Spain. We had class in the morning but both lessons were short and Phil, one of our teachers just talked about being safe on our trips. He also taught us how to say some words in French, for the group going to France that were umm.....not so nice but would get people to go away! :)
After class I got my laundry done and packed for Spain. We did some more research as a group and planned out what we were going to do day by day which I was glad for because up to this point I really didn't feel like we had any solid plans besides our flights and hostels.
So once we were all ready we headed to the airport because we weren't exactly sure how long it would take to get there and we didn't want to be late. Well on the train we had some fun conversations about what jobs we would be the worst at. I don't remember what I said but out of the blue Katie said the job she would be the worst at would be Sherpa. So after laughing till our sides hurt because it was so ridiculous that she would even think of that we were at the airport. We got to the airport way way too early so we got some dinner at McDonald's. and let me just say it was actually nice to have some fast food because we don't eat it in London. We all got McFlurries and just talked more.

So then we got on the plane and it was so cool because we got to walk outside and then up the stairs to get on the plane. This isn't the first time I've done this but it's been a long time and it was fun because it reminded me of the traveling I did with my family when I was younger and how getting to ride in a tiny airplane was one of my favorite parts.

the view out my window
Our flight was fine and Camille and I talked the whole flight and realized that we have a lot in common which is interesting because anyone who knows us would explain us as pretty much complete opposites. So it was fun to see that we had so much in common.

Camille and I getting on the plane
We got into Spain at about 1am went out of the airport and got a taxi. I was a little nervous at first about getting a taxi but it turned out to be great. Our taxi driver spoke very little English but he was nice and put his radio on some English music and then introduced us to some spanish pop. While I was in the taxi on the way to the hostel I got a really comforting feeling that everything was going to be okay on our trip and that we would be safe. That was really a thank you Heavenly Father moment for me and I wasn't scared the whole rest of the trip which was better than I can say for the rest of the girls I was with.
Once we got to our Hostel it was obvious that it wasn't in the best part of town but I wasn't worried. The man at the front desk spoke no English at all so it was really good that Ariatna was with us because she speaks fluent spanish.

The view from the Balcony of our Hostel, night and morning
So we got our room situation figured out and all eight of us went to our room. The room was clean and basically what I expected although the other girls didn't really agree with me. We all just went to bed ready for a very busy day of Madrid the next day.

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  1. Bell, I love that you post almost everyday and now that I am caught up I wont be so distracted in class :) Keep having fun and when you get back from Spain we need to Skype.