Monday, May 16, 2011

Alice in Wonderland style

So today we had class and in class we did one of those exercises where one side of the room would be labeled one thing and the other would be labeled something else then the whole class had to pick a side, you know liberal or conservative, things like that. After we finished the exercise we had a conversation about it and I was fascinated at other people's reactions to the exercise. For me it was never a hard choice which side I belonged on but for some people some of the questions were really hard. Then Ashlee was talking about how we decided one of two ways, either we chose a side because that was what we were or you would choose one side because the other one was what you were not. I found it interesting to think that sometimes we define ourselves by what we are not. And that was my insight from class today. I think I need to concentrate on finding one insight from every class we have, I think it will help me pay attention better.
After class we had a Birth-Tea party. A lot of the people in our group have birthdays while we are here so we decided to have a collective party for all of them.

Carolyn was the main planner of the Birth-Tea party, along with Preston and this was Preston give a toast with Tea! :)

So everyone contributed cookies, finger sandwiches, tea, juice, fruit and some other things and we all got dressed up and went to the park.

It was fun to get all dressed up and just go as a group. I really am amazing at how well everyone in our group gets along, it really is a blessing. So after some food and a few funny pictures we all walked home.

Ellie was carrying a bunch of plates but her dress was dragging on the ground so I helped her carry her dress it was really funny. We decided it worked better if I just carried the plates and she carried her dress, go figure.
After the tea party I went and got some laundry done as well as bought stamps so I can send out the post cards I bought and did some more blogging. I feel like sometimes I spend more time blogging than actually experiencing things, its not actually true it just feels like it when I have to play catch-up and I spend over an hour blogging. yuck!
After that I went to the play The Cherry Orchard at the National Theater. I really didn't like the play very much. It was about three hours long and really had a dull story line. I would not recommend it to anyone. The one cool thing about it though was that Madame Hooch from the Harry Potter Movies was the main character so that was pretty fun to watch.

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