Monday, May 16, 2011

ah-ha moment sunday

So one thing I have found about Sunday's in London is that they are a lot shorter than those in the US. They're not really but they feel like they are because church takes up so much of my day. I leave for church at 7:30am and I don't get home until 1:30. When I'm there it doesn't feel like a long time but by the time I get home I feel like my whole day is gone.
So church this Sunday was really good and I got to bed a little bit earlier on Saturday than I did last week so that was nice because I had an easier time staying awake. My favorite part of Church was Sunday school. The lesson was on hypocrisy and I had some insights I had never thought about before. While the teacher was talking he asked the question "If a hypocrite is telling you to do something that is right, should you listen to them even if they aren't following their own advice?" i found this to be an interesting question because we always talk about how hypocrites should actually be following their own advice but we rarely talk about how even though it's hard we should be following what they say. Not following their example but following the good things that they say. The other insight I had was about the scripture that says, "love thy neighbors as thy self" when I use to read this scripture I always though about how we have to love others as much as we love ourselves, but this time when we read it I thought about how really it is a commandment to love others and to love ourselves. I'm sure others have thought about it like this before but to me it was a great insight. Then i started thinking about how the next scripture says and on this hang all the laws and the prophets. And when you think about it in the way of first love God then Love others and love yourself it really is true. All the commandments are based on these three. So those were my insights during church. Unfortunately all the BYU students got pulled out of Sunday school to talk to the 1'st counselor, I was bummed because I was really enjoying the lesson.
After church I went home and took a nap. maybe that was why my Sunday felt so short but it was a much needed nap. And then I made dinner for myself. So since I try and take one picture a day, here is my picture for today, my dinner. It was actually really yummy and it was nice to have a real meal at home.

Later that night we had a fireside with members of the church who live in London and are involved with theater. They were supposed to talk about how they balance their beliefs and the theater world. The woman who spoke last said something that really impacted me she said "we have to let theater change us, we watch and perform in theater for this reason, it's what makes it good" and she just talked about how we can let theater change us for the better if we seek out good stuff and how there is a lot of theater out there that can easily change us for the worse if we let it. Just thinking about this and how performing has impacted my life, both being in things and watching thing, I think she is right. The things that have impacted my life the most are those things that changed me in some way, the performances that made me think about something in a different way. The one thing I thought about the whole time was Temple Pageant and how being in that performance, even though I didn't play a big role, it didn't matter because it strengthened my testimony and changed me for the better. Another thing she talked about was what do you want to give the audience and I never thought about performance that way, how would you want to impact the audience. I just thought it was a very neat way to think about it.
It was a wonderful Sunday full of little ah-ha moments for me.

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