Wednesday, May 4, 2011

A Very Full Day.

So Tuesday was a very busy day. We left in the morning at about 9am and I didn't make it home till about 11pm. I was really grateful I packed a lunch before I left, my mama didn't raise no fool! :)
So the first place we went was to the British Library to look at there special collections room. It was interesting because the room seemed really simple and they didn't make a big deal out of anything in it but the things it held were absolutely amazing. I'm just gonna list a few of the things that I found cool, unfortuantly you couldn't take pictures and I totally forgot to take a picture of the library itself. First of all they had Jane Austen's writing desk and some of her actual writing which was cool to see. They also had one of the First Folio by Shakespeare which is the collection of his work that his friends put together after his death in memory of him. The also had the Magna Carta which was so cool to read about and see. One of my favorite displays had a lot of the history of the bible and the English language. Which included a lot of very old fragments of scriptures and an original Gutenberg Bible. It was a very spiritual moment to see the progress and it made me realize how absolutely blessed I am to have it always at my fingertips on my phone. The part of the special collections or "treasures" room as they call it was the music part. It included pieces written by Beethoven and Mozart and it was cool to see where they had scratched parts out and reworked parts and things like that but the part of the exhibit that brought tears to my eyes was seeing Handel's Messiah. It was so amazing to see his notes in the margins and everything. I loved it.
So after the Library we had time for lunch and I was fully intending on eating my lunch that I had brought until I heard that there was really good and really cheap Indian Food nearby. So I decided to go with the others and get that for lunch and I's so glad I did because it was really good. I was also proud of myself because I had no idea what it was and I ate it anyway.

After eating we all met at Trafalgar Square to go to the National Gallery and the Portrait Gallery. So we went to the Portrait gallery first and I realized something very important about myself while in the gallery....that I don't like portrait galleries! :) There were some pictures that were interesting because I knew who the people were but the pictures of the people I didn't know didn't interest me enough to sit there and read all the things about them so I was done with the whole 3-floored gallery in under an hour.

So unfortunately no one in our group does galleries quite as fast as I do so I went over to the national gallery by myself and didn't really have time to do the whole thing but I did have time to see the really famous ones that they outline in the map that you get at the front. So I did that and met the rest of my group outside to go on to the Globe theater. While in Trafalgar square I got some really good pictures.

So then we went to the globe and we got there early so I ate what I had brought for dinner and it was great. On the way over we saw St. Paul's and we walked across the millennial bridge.The we went to a lecture called "setting the scene" before we went to All's Well that Ends Well. To be honest the lecture was really boring and it was basically everything we had already discussed in class the day before. But it was a good nap before the show, even one of our professors fell asleep. Then we saw the show. Besides our tickets being not very good seats and the fact that I was cold because I didn't bring a coat it was an amazing play. I really enjoyed everything about it even the bad actor who played the king. The whole experience in the globe was just fun. After that we came home and I made friends with a girl in my group named Kasmin who was nice enough to link arms with me on the way home and walk really fast so that I wouldn't be too cold.
To anyone reading this I apologize for the terrible grammar ect. I don't proof read before I post, I'm usually too tired.

this is the view down the river from the Millennial Bridge.

St Paul's and the Globe

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  1. Nice pictures! I love them. Looks like a busy day. About the grammar I wouldn't know if it were wrong anyway! :) I'm loving these posts!