Monday, May 23, 2011

Blog Mad Monday

So honestly I really feel like I've been blogging all day to catch up on my Spain trip! but I promise I have done other things too. So this was my day.
In the morning we went to class where we did a really fun activity where we all made up our own Lazzi scenes which are little comical scenes. It was fun because every group did really different things and I was totally laughing so hard. Especially when Addison was Cali's arms. It was just so funny.
After that it was my groups turn to do our scene of Servant of two Masters. I don't think it went awesome but I don't think our teacher really cares as long as we did it so I guess it was good enough.
After class we went to the grocery store because none of us had food. We all purposely ran out before our travel week. So I dont know about anyone else but when I come home and fill my shelf and cupboard with food I feel strangely accomplished. After that I spent the majority of my day blogging, writing emails and just talking to people. It was a relaxing day and I really needed it considering I was still getting over our travel week.
I got to talk to Ashely for a while which was really fun. I love that I feel comfortable just talking to anyone and everyone in this group. I really am amazed at how well we have all gotten along.
So after killing myself trying to get my blog caught up Ellie Cali and I went and got Crepes.

they were really good and it was fun to be with those girls again after being away from them all week.

Cali made a mess! :)
Then we came home and I got to skype my sister which was so fun. I think there is something to be said for the sister bond because even when we haven't talked in a while we can talk as if it was yesterday.
Speaking of which, Emily asked what I did to my finger, why it was always tapped up in the pictures, well I broke it playing Rugby! not a big deal :)
So Monday was nothing special but I needed it.

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