Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Wacky Wednesday

So Wednesday was great. I know I say that about every day but it really was. In the morning we went to class which was really good. It was probably my favorite class so far. It started by us talking about the play silence that we are going to see. A group performed a scene based on the play where they each started talking kind of in a round but saying different things so each one was just adding to the noise. Then as a group we discussed what silence is or means. It was interesting to hear people's definitions because a lot of people felt that silence can be more than just when there is no sound. I personally don't really agree, I think silence describes exactly that, no noise but it was a very interesting conversation. After that we had some scenes from Macbeth performed. Phil, our teacher, just picked people to improve them and it was so funny. Katie Jarvis, who I went to preschool with, was the best witch I have ever seen, she was so funny. Anyways it was just really entertaining.
After class we went to Camden Market. It was really empty which was great for us. Especially because I'm not a huge fan of crowds and that meant that the sellers were more willing to make deals with you. So the Market is full of very British fashion which was very cool except the fashion in Britain right now is these dresses that aren't long enough to be dresses but not short enough to be shirts. So I was jealous of the other Ellie because she found some really cute things and because she is short they totally were long enough on her. On our way out of the market we found this man selling prints of different scenes of the city. They were really good and really cheap so we all got some. I am really excited about them and I think they are a great souvenirs, better than a I "heart" London shirt.
So we decided that Camden was a fun experience but we could get cheaper stuff at Primark so we went there and it was really fun because well went shopping is our different directions but all ended up in the dressing room at the same time so it was fun to try things on and show each other. I got a skirt, a top and my first pair of British shoes. I'm shocked myself that I've gone this long without buying shoes. :) Mom is going to laugh when she sees them because they are very much like the shoes I use to wear when I was little. I wore them till basically there was nothing left of them. So I was excited when I saw these because they are like the big girl version. :)

After Primark we grabbed some Pasties, where are kind of like a mix between a calzone and a meat pie. They were really good, and we ate them on the tube on the way to our show.
The show we saw was One Man Two Governors, which is an adaptation of Servant of Two Masters but it's set in Briton England in the 1960, and it was great!

So there is a band that played as you walked in, during intermission and between scene changes and they were exactly like the Wonders from That Thing you Do. If you don't know what I'm talking about go repent and then watch that movie! :)

So the main character in the show was so so funny. At one point I was crying I was laughing so hard. I was really surprised that I liked it so much because it was very British humor. And a lot of stupid humor but I found myself loving it. One of my favorite parts is that they used audience participation and the second time they did it was this young woman who he was totally messing with. At one point he shoved her under a table to hide her. Then they thought she was on fire so they poured water on her and covered her in fire extinguisher foam. So obviously she was an actress but it was totally realistic because before her they used these two guys who for sure were not. It was just so shocking and funny. My other favorite part was that our group had a dance party to the band playing during intermission. So I've totally had a dance party in the London National Theater! have you?

It really was a great show, really light and fun, I loved it and it was the perfect wacky ending for a Wednesday.
side note: So Cali really likes to sit next to me on trains because my shoulder is the right height to lean on to sleep and I love when she does because her head on my should is the perfect height to rest my head! :) Ellie thought it would be a good picture but neither one of us was really asleep so we just kept laughing when she tried to take it. Eventually she got a serious one.

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