Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Oh my gosh, Oh my gosh you guys! :)

So before you think I'm crazy, let me just say that the title comes from Legally Blonde the Musical, but I'll talk about that later.
So Monday started with class which was as thrilling as ever. After class we went to the Tower of London. It was a little funny getting there because we got out of class at 12:15 and they told everyone to meet at the Tower at 1pm, this wouldn't of been a big deal except we didn't all go together so we didn't all end up there till about 2.
The Tower of London is also by Tower Bridge, and an Ice Cream Truck.

The Tower of London was very cool and nothing like I pictured in my mind. When I thought of it I expected just one big tower but its actually more like a castle but right in the middle of the city so that was pretty awesome. So it is surrounded bu a mote which now has grass instead of water because I guess the water was pretty smelly, but that makes sense because it was basically filled with sewage. then there are several smaller towers and buildings that make up the outer wall and in the middle is the White Tower. So I'll just highlight some of my favorite parts:
One of the coolest things is that right when we got there they started a little performance about one of the prisoners who was kept there. It was really fun and it was actually a true story so it was nice to hear some of the history in a non-boring way.

Another part that was really cool was seeing the Crown Jewels. The were all so very pretty and as a girl I couldn't help but ooo and ahh. :) One of them had the Star of Africa which is a 503 carat diamond. It was really pretty but being that big it really looks fake!
So my mom will really appreciate the thing I found most interesting in the room. That was where they displayed all the gold dinner sets that they use for banquets they had really ornate boxes for the salt. They were awesome, unfortunately I wasn't allowed to take pictures but they were very cool. It was also interesting to learn that they were designed with lock because the royalty would lock their salt when they weren't using it because salt was suck an easy thing to poison. That was just so neat to me.
The other cool part was in the White Tower they had the armory and I thought that all the suites of armor were very cool as was the book of records or the tower, It was huge and of course the chopping block.

This is the White Tower, and the top of the white tower through the window of another tower, I thought it was pretty cool. Don't worry I don't get much more artsy than this. :)

So there is also a legend about the ravens, that if they ever leave that the tower will crumble and the empire will fall so I'm hear to report that they are still there. and so were some Knights.

So after the Tower Ellie, Cali, and I decided to see Legally Blonde the Musical. It was so so so fun. I was laughing so hard I cried at one point. Most of the time I was laughing was because it was so incredibly ridiculous. So it was a really fun show to see and the music is really catchy. I also liked it because they managed to create songs about some of my favorite things. For example there was a song called Blood in the Water, which was about Lawyers. and there was another called shopping for guys, about shopping. The funniest song of all was "gay or European" it was hilarious! It was a really fun night. It was a really long day but a good day.

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