Saturday, May 14, 2011

Not what I expected

So today was not the day I expected to have. I woke up in the morning fully expecting to finish my homework and then go to Brighton. But when I got up the internet in our building was not working so I wasn't able to submit my homework. I really didn't want to sit around and wait for it to be working so we decided to leave. So we walked to the Tube station and it was windy and cold, not the best beach town weather so we were getting a little wishy--washy on our decision to go. Then when we got to the Tube Station it was closed and so we decided to take that as a sign that we were not supposed to go to Brighton so we went on a different adventure.

Since the station was closed we decided to just jump on the next bus because we figured it would eventually take us to a station that wasn't closed. Well it did take us to a station but the line we wanted was closed for the weekend so we had to take a train to a different station to take a different line ect. So after about an hour of adventures on public transportation we got to the Sherlock Holmes museum. The museum was pretty cool but it was more fun to take pictures than to read things. I think it would've been a lot more exciting if I had read the Sherlock Holmes books.

This was a really funny sign in the museum.
and this is the coolest toilet ever.
So after the museum we went and had lunch. One of my favorite parts about living here in London is that whenever we go out to eat we always just go walking till we find some where that looks good and cheap. It's really lots of fun. So after lunch we found this little pastry shop that chad the cutest chocolate ducks. Erin, you would've loved them but I didn't know how I could get it to you, so I took a picture. They also had really yummy desserts which Ellie Cali and I had and all shared.

We saw a little park down the street from the store so we decided to go eat at it but when we got there it was a gated park and it was locked so we just ate them on the sidewalk next to the park. After that we went to get back on the underground to come home and there were tons of police so we asked what they were all doing there. I guess there was some kind of soccer final and they were just there for crowd control because there were a lot of pubs in the area.

So my afternoon was nothing like I expected it to be but it was really fun. After a little nap at home we decided to go for another adventure.
So we went and got tickets to a show called "End of the Rainbow." we got really good seats for the student price so that was nice. We were dead center and about 6 rows back. So I was excited for a fun and happy show because all I knew was that it was about Judy Garland's life and all I really knew about Judy was that she played Dorthy. Well I was very surprised by the play. It basically told the story of the last few months of her life. It was really sad to watch her life basically fall apart from all the pressures of performing mixed with drugs and alcohol. It was strange because it was such a sad show but really one of my favorites that I have seen. The lady who played Judy was really amazing and by the end you really felt like you were watching Judy herself. She sang amazingly and her acting was superb. I really liked how emotionally taxing the show was. So in the end it really wasn't what I expected but it was so much greater.

I feel like that was the theme of my whole day, not what i expected but a whole lot better.

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