Thursday, May 26, 2011

Thunder storms and Silence

This morning we went to Kew Gardens which is huge. So I'm not usually one for artistic pictures but I really tried with these ones because there were so many beautiful flowers. My favorite thing was the Lilly house which was a greenhouse with water lilies. It had lily pads that were so big I could've sat on them comfortably, I really wanted to try too. So this post is basically just going to be a bunch of the picture I took at the gardens. Some have stories behind them so I'll explain as I go but overall it was just really fun. I spent most of the time with Ashlee and we get a long really well so that was really fun. So here we go:

So the door into the lily house was normal size but the handle was really really low. like to my knee, we thought it was really funny.

So this is me in the lily house. It was the smallest greenhouse, but as you be able to tell from all the pictures of it, It was my favorite.

These are some examples of the HUGE lily pads! these pictures really don't do them justice.

Lots of beautiful lilies!

This was my favorite one!
The next place we went was the rose garden. All the roses were wild roses and they were beautiful. They reminded me of my Grandpa's roses. The most beautiful ones were the yellow ones, so Mom these are for you.

Then we went in another green house and this is what we found!

These plants were so cool and the pictures don't do them justice but they have tiny flowers inside the main part of the flower. I really liked them.

more pretty flowers.

Me at the gardens and on the treetop walk

This was a very cool sculpture thing. It was made all out of sticks/vines.

These flowers won best color in my book. I couldn't really close to them unfortunately but they were the most beautiful deep red.

So funny story about this picture. So I really liked these flowers but from the path they had a really bad background so I umm.....went onto the employee path to get a better picture. It really was just a little hop over and Ashlee kept watch but it was a little thrilling to do especially when one of the employees almost walked by but then turned at the last minute. So so funny, the best part is that the flowers really aren't anything special.

I really liked these birds of paradise because they actually look like birds to me and usually I don't think they do.

This was the Japanese inspired part of the gardens. It was really pretty and the racking of the rock garden was cool even though you can barely see it in these pictures.

The Japanese gardens is also where we met our friend the peacock. It was just walking around and got really close to us, it was cool.

Then it rained. really really really hard! finally we had a proper London rain. It was actually pretty fun to walk around in the rain.
side note: while I was packing my bag today I had a prompting to bring my umbrella. Thankfully I followed it because I didn't take a jacket and I would've been miserable.

So there were Geese ever where and there were a ton of babies, they were really cute!

So this tree was really cool. I loved the flowers on it and it was covered in them. They were really unique and they smelled really good.
Walking through the gardens was really enlightening to me. It was the first time I really understood how an artist or fashion designer or architect could draw inspiration from nature. Like I always understood the concept before but for the first time I really saw these flowers as inspiration not just as pretty flowers. Too bad I'm not an artist.

That was the gardens.

After that we came home, I made a huge lunch and just enjoyed the thunder storm. The thunder was really loud and the lightning lit up the room, it was great.

Tonight we went to see a show called Silence. It was contemporary theater and I don't really know how I felt about it. I'm not going to form any opinions of it until I think about it a little more but for sure it was not what I'm use to. I will talk about it more after we discuss it in class.

So on the way home from the show Ellie had this huge water bottle that she was about 2/3 done with. I told her that if she would chug the rest of it I would give her a candy bar. So despite me almost getting her to spit because we were making her laugh she finished it. It was really funny because she was walking and chugging it, I guess you kinda had to be there.

She also ran to catch the bus to go only one stop further down the street, that made me laugh.
Overall it was a good day and I was happy to have some real London Rain.

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