Saturday, April 30, 2011

Portobello Road and The Tempest

So today was great. I have a feeling I will start a lot of my posts with that sentence! :) so we went to Portobello Road this morning and it was so fun. I had no idea what it was before we went and for anyone who doesn't know it's like a huge outdoor market or swap meet. It really reminded me of the one we go to in Hawaii. So I walked all the way up the street to get a feel of what was there and see what I would want and then I walked back down and got a pocket watch but its a necklace which I really and then I also got a apple and cream turnover thing that really reminded me of NZ. One of the girls in my group named Amberly was the perfect shopping partner for me because we liked the same types of things and went the same speed it was great. It was really crazy busy but so much fun and it was fun to barter with the vendors so I really enjoyed myself.

So after getting back from shopping we went to the park and had lunch and read our next play. It was such a nice sunny day so it was great to be out in the park except for some of the sunbathers, (I think they thought they were in France) :)

After that we went to the play The Tempest. It was done in a children's theater so all the creatures were puppets. It was really cool to see the play that we just read for class and see how the play rendition was different from how I imagined it when I was reading it. To be honest I like my imagination's version better but I really liked the puppet they used for Caliban. Overall it was a great day especially because on the way home from the play we stopped and I got some ice cream and chocolate. So this one is for you Saffron! :)

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  1. What no pictures of the sunbathers? Sounds like fun Elly, you seem to have a pretty active imagination so I guess I can see why you liked your version better.