Thursday, April 28, 2011

England day one and two

So this blog is mostly for me to keep a record of all my travels but I thought I'd share my escapades. So my first big experience was getting here to London. So my flight from Saltlake was delayed so I ended up running to catch my fight in Dallas. I was the very last one to board but it was nice because then I didn't have to wait at all and I got to run which was nice to stretch my legs. the flight wasn't bad at all, I didn't sleep much but I was pretty comfortable. After I got off my flight I got on the underground to the stop that I needed. I was all alone but I wasn't scared at all. Once I got to my station I realized that I didn't know how to get to my flat but I asked some people and started walking. Walking to the flat was the only part of my travel that made me nervous but I talked with some missionaries so that made me feel better and I finally got to
my flat.
After a shower, a nap and some housekeeping stuff with the group some of us decided to go out. We went and saw the London Eye and Big Ben and Westminster Abby. I was really beautiful to see them all lit up at night. It really made it set in that we were actually in London. It was a great first night.

So today was the first day of class. We went to class at the church building and it was nice. After class we went to the grocery store and bought food which was good to have real food. I was really worried that it was going to be expensive but it was actually reasonable. After grocery shopping we went to Hyde Park. The park is so beautiful. We spent about three hours there just walking around. One thing I have noticed about London is that it is really quiet. The park was really peaceful, we passed some people playing soccer and it was like watching a soccer game on mute! I took lots of pictures in the park, I felt very touristy. After we went to the park we went for a walk around our area. It was really nice and we went to dinner at a little Italian place where our waiter spoke very little English, it was great! :) that was basically day two. Very chill but a lot of walking so my feet are pretty tired but I'm thinking that is going to be a common theme here in London.

This is where I live! :)


  1. What a cute place to live! How fun! Great pictures so far! You will forever love the fact that you blogged as you went so you can just print it all out and ta-da you have a book with pictures and a story! Can't wait to hear more!

  2. Elly, that's so awesome! Love you!!

    Em - glad you got it to work.

  3. Man, only 2 days and it already looks like you're having tons of fun! Your flat looks nice it inside too?