Friday, April 29, 2011

The Royal Wedding

So today was the Royal Wedding. About half our group went at about 1am to claim a spot to see the parade go by. The less crazy of us went to Hyde Park to watch it with all the other people on the huge screens they had there. It was really fun to be at the park, like one big party. It was neat to watch it on the screen too because they announced who every one was and for us who have not idea who anyone is it was really helpful. There was a huge crowd at the park and it felt kind of like the fourth of July to me. There were tons of people dressed us and everyone was drinking, big surprise there! It was really fun, except the drunk people and I'm glad we decided to go to the park. It was also really neat to see all the people waving their flags when the queen was shown.
the couple getting married. the queen and then Cami and I celebrating after they are married.

So this is a video of all the people celebrating at the park.

So after the wedding we went back to our flat to take a nap because we were all very tired. I thought I'd show you the inside of my flat because it is amazingly nice. although the way the beds are in my room kind of reminds me of a hospital. They just renovated our flat and we are the first to live in it after being finished so its great and really clean.

this is the kitchen, living room, and bedroom

After our nap Lauren and I went to Primark which is this great store with really cheap clothes and accessories and stuff. It was really fun to go shopping and I got a really cute skirt and jacket for really cheap but it wasn't super cheap quality so that was nice. After that we came home, made dinner and then went out for gelato. :) over all it was a great day!

this is my jacket, this is a dollar-store or pound-land as they call them and this last picture is of Impulse which is a body spray that I remember from NZ and I thought Erin would appreciate it too! :)

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  1. Thanks Bell, I do appreciate the picture of the Impulse :) It looks like you are having lots of fun I am so excited for you and a little jealous. I wanted to tell you that we made it to the elite 8 we beat UCLA 31-10 and we play Navy today. So I will keep you updated.