Friday, June 10, 2011

Wicked Day

Today was a wicked day, wicked weather, wicked awesome sites to see and a Wicked show.
We decided to meet in front of the Wicked theater in the morning because it was close to the tube station and close to Liz and Joes hotel. Well I got there before they did and so I was just sitting on the stairs waiting for them when some other people came and sat on the stairs too. It looked like they were forming a line so I asked them why they were getting in line and they said that the theater sells the very front row seats for a discounted price in the morning. So when Liz and Joe got there we decided to just stay in line and get tickets for the night. So it was pretty awesome planning to meet in front of the theater because we got really cheap tickets and they were for front row center.

After we got the tickets we walked over to Buckingham Palace to see the changing of the guards. We got there early and got a good spot on the steps of the monument across from the gates. While we were waiting there was a man who had gotten on one of the statues and set up his camera to get a good video of the whole thing. Well apparently the police don't like when you sit on the statues because they asked him to get off and when he didn't a police office came over and got reallt mad att him. It was really funny because the cop was like "sir why didn't you get down when we told you to?" and to me Joe said "because I knew all you would do is to tell me to get off" it was really really funny and was referenced many other times on our trip after that. After that the changing of the guard started and it was pretty cool to see. I was glad we went because that wasn't something I had done before and it was neat to see. I was amazing what a big deal they make out of it and the fact that they do it every day. Well right when it was ending it started to rain. Now this was pretty weird because the whole time I was in London it had only rained two other times. Ironically one of those times was the other time I went to try and see the changing of the guard.

Well it didn't just rain to totally poured really really hard. It wasn't very fun because none of us had jackets or umbrellas and there were tons of people trying to leave too so the crowds were terrible. We stopped in a camping store for a while to get away from the crowds and see if it would stop raining so hard but it didn't so we decided to just go anyways.

Our next stop that day was the British museum. The first thing we did when we got there was eat our lunch. We were absolutely dripping wet which wasn't fun but at least we were inside. So we saw all the cool stuff in the museum and Liz and I went into the bathroom and dried our shirts in the hand dryers. It was pretty funny but worked.

After the museum we went back to my flat to have dinner. We had pasta, of course, it's pretty much what I always had when I cooked for myself. And then we went to the show.

Wicked was amazing. Just the fact that we were sitting front row center is an experience that I will probably never have again. We were so close we were getting spit on by the actors, it was awesome! :) Liz and Joe had never seen it so that was fun and even though I had seen it before it was still so awesome. It was a wicked awesome end to a wicked day!

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