Monday, June 6, 2011


So Monday was not too exciting but class was interesting.
We did movement work with on of Rodger's former students who is now getting her Masters here in London. So her way of dealing with theater is through movement and I actually found it pretty interesting.
We did an exercise dealing with 7 layers of tension and it was really interesting how her descriptions of each layer would effect people differently. Then we did an exercise with rhythm and it made me realize that you choreograph theater in the same way that you choreograph a dance.

So after class I didn't really do much, I took a nap and got some other things done. I've realized that I have been really tired and that being in London going going going all the time really takes a lot out of me.

So then we went out early before our show so that we could go get dinner at this really good Indian place that I had been for lunch before.
Well as we were laving I had a feeling that it might not be open and that it's only open for lunch. Well we went all the way up there and guess what, it's only open for lunch. So what did we learn, listen to the promptings that I get.
So by this time we had to hurry if we wanted to eat before the show, so we went to this Chinese buffet place really quick and they said they didn't have room for us because hey had a big party coming in soon, then we told him that we had to eat in 15mins so he let us in. I don't think I took a single breath during that meal, it was a sad thing too because it was really good food. So we ate and went to the show.

The show we saw tonight was Pygmalion, which is basically My Fair Lady without the music. I really enjoyed it but it was a little strange to me because so much time passed in so few scenes.

So it was a fun show but the ending wasn't exactly my favorite!

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