Thursday, June 9, 2011

The Last and The First

Today was the last day of our Study Abroad and the first day of being with Liz and Joe. The girls and I decided that the best way to end our time in London was by having tea in Hyde Park one last time.

Well we didn't have tea but we did have amazingly good cake. It was a perfect way to end the London experience.

After tea with the girls I took the train to the airport to pick up Liz and Joe. I got there pretty early but then it got closer to the time they were suppose to arrive and I started watching the arrivals door like a hawk. Well one hour went by and I started getting really nervous, I thought I might of missed them but then about 20 more minutes and I saw them. It was really exciting to see them.

So the first thing we did was go to their hotel and drop off their stuff. I felt pretty silly because I didn't know how to get to their hotel and I had been living in that city for 6 weeks. Well we finally found it and then we decided to go to dinner at the Thai place I really liked near my house.

We decided to get Gelato at my favorite place and as we walked to it we saw a fox. A fox in the middle of the city, what were the chances. It was pretty late at this point but we went and saw Big Ben and the London Eye and Westminster Abby just like I did on the first night I was in London. It was really fun and it was a long day.

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