Saturday, June 11, 2011

Goodbye London Hello Paris

Today started a little frustrating because we were going to meet at my apartment in the morning but I gave Liz and Joe bad instructions and some of the Tube lines were under construction so they got a little lost but we finally found each other and started our day.

Our first stop was to take mine and Liz's backpacks to a friends house to store while we went on the rest of our travels so that we didn't have to haul around a bunch of stuff that we didn't need. Well it took a really long time because all of the closures on the tube lines but we finally dropped off our bags and made our way to the Tower of London.

The Tower of London was fun because we got to go on the tour which I didn't get to do last time because I was with a school group. We saw the crown jewels and did basically what I did last time I went. On our way out I got roasted peanuts which were amazing.

After that we went to the Train Station where we were going to catch the train to Paris. We got there early enough to go get some food and we decided to go to this Chinese place. Well we had enough time to get the food but we had to get it to go. It was really a pain because it was dripping everywhere but then we ate it on the train and it tasted really really good. Maybe we were just really hungry.

The train ride was really nice. It was like being on an airplane except you don't have to take off or land. It also felt like it went pretty fast. Once we got to Paris and came out of the tube where our hotel was supposed to be Liz said that I should look for the Eiffel tower because we were really close to it and should be able to see it. Well we couldn't see it and I was pretty disappointed but it was late and we were tired so we walked to the Hotel.

At the hotel the guy at the front desk was really nice and he said we had the best room in the hotel. Well unfortunately that meant it was on the top floor and the elevator was pretty scary. Joe affectionately called it a death trap! :)

Well once we climbed the stairs to our room it was pretty average until Liz called me onto the tiny balcony and I almost jumped off I was so excited because right there from our Balcony was the Eiffel tower. It was a really awesome moment for me because that was one of those things I had dreamed about since I was little and I was finally seeing it.

After drooling over it for a while we went back inside and realized I could see it from my bed! Bonus!! Then extra bonus the lights started twinkling on it! it was so cool and the perfect way to end my first night in Paris.

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