Wednesday, June 8, 2011

A tourist one last time.

My brother told me the other day a statistic about how something like 80% of all blog posts start with the word SO. Then he went to my blog to see if it was true and it wasn't. 80% of my blogs didn't start with the word so, 100% of my blogs did. So.....I've decided to not start another blog with the word so.

Today we had our last "touristy" trip as a study abroad group. We went to Hampton Court which was basically the party castle for King Henry the VIII. It was a beautiful place but we were all pretty castle-ed out by this point. We got to listen to an audio tour which I really liked but every one was pretty long so it got a little boring.
excited about listening.

about an hour later, less excited.

The room I liked the best was the kitchen. One cool thing I learned was that they use to cook tons and tons of meat pies but not to eat them as meat pies but just to use the crust as a baking dish. People would just pull off the top and eat the inside like a bowl.

The other interesting thing was that different parts of the building were decorated during times with different wives and you could tell which wife decorated which room because her initials would be used in the decorations.
this bed was awesome.
So after walking around there for a while we decided to go get Rasa Express for lunch. It was really good.

Later that night we decided to go get Gelato one last time. I took all pence I had to use it up so I wouldn't have any left when I when home. When I went to pay the guy didn't want to take it, he would rather of given it to me free then take all my change but I made him take it because I really didn't want it. It was pretty funny.

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