Friday, June 3, 2011

A palace, a university and a museum

So on Friday we headed home from our stay in Stratford. Our first stop was Blenheim Palace which was the birthplace of Winston Churchill.

Funny story about that, Blenheim was not the home of Winston's family but it was in the family, his uncle or something. Well Winston's mother was at a party there and went into labor.
So we toured the palace and we had a entertaining tour guide. Then we explored the grounds, they were beautiful but once again they gave us way too much time and we found ourselves pretty bored by the end of the 5 hours we had there.

This is Cali and I frolicking across the grounds :)

This was in the Italian gardens, yes it's a bush carved into a duck!

there were really pretty rose gardens with a view of the river.

Cali was helping Lauren get down from the tree in the Secret garden, it was so funny.

This was me at the Secret Garden.

this was a bridge at the Palace that had rooms built into it, it was pretty cool.
So after the palace we went to Oxford and it was nothing like what I expected. It's an interesting town because it's basically a college town but all the different colleges are spread around the town. We also realized that there really isn't anything to do in this town so we saw the sights like this:

and bought shirts:

we saw street performers and this guy was awesome, he was on a tight rope while playing the violin.

Then we ate at this littler pastry shop and I saw this amazing cake, I know want it for my wedding cake, it was so cool.

So that was our last stop and we went home. A few of us decided to go to the V&A once we got home. It was pretty cool but I was really tired from the day and not feeling too good. But I did love the costume room because they had costumes you could try on.

We also say the 1st Folio which is the collection of Shakespeare's works there are only three originals and I have seen all of them on this trip.

Another cool thing we got to see was a painting that President Monson referred to in his talk at regional conference.

So it was a long day but good.

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  1. I like the frolicking! I think that cake screams ELLY!