Thursday, June 2, 2011

Shakespeare beginning to end

So today we visited all the Shakespeare sites in Stratford-upon-Avon. We started at his birthplace which seemed fitting. It was also my favorite site we went to all day. It was cool to see his actual birth house and to see all the famous people who had visited it, lots of them etched their names in the glass of the windows of his house but now they have replaced the windows and the old ones are on display.

My favorite part about the house was learning that young Shakespeare wore a dress! yep, apparently all kids boys and girls wore dresses up to about age 6. This was because a lot of kids were dying young and it seemed to be more boys than girls so they thought that if they disguised their boys like girls that the spirit of death would think they were girls and pass them over. I just think its funny to picture Shakespeare in a dress.

After his birthplace home we went to Nash house/ New Place which was Shakespeare's last home. It was pretty silly as far as tourist sites go because the actual New Place is just an excavation site and the tour is though a house that was next door. So we weren't too excited about the place and we all decided to just chill out a little on the grass.

Ellie entertained herself by sticking grass between Cali's toes it was pretty funny.

After New Place we went to Hall's Croft which was is another house of some relative of Shakespeare. Seriously Stratford is like Shakespeare Disneyland.
That was our last stop as a group, then we were let loose to explore the town on our own.

So we got milkshakes at this place called Mo-Mos. They had all different types of milkshakes and I got a chocolate orange one, it was really super good.
Then we decided to walk back to our B&B for a nap before dinner and our show.

When we walked back into town we went to the Trinity church and saw Shakespeare's grave site.

We ate at the Garrick Inn for dinner. It was really yummy and then we went to Macbeth.

Macbeth was amazing! It was very bloody which was a little disturbing but I really enjoyed it. The director made some brilliant choices like having the weird sisters be weird children instead and they did a lot of cool things with the stage. One cool thing was when the did the crowning they had water come down from the the ceiling, hard to explain but it was very cool.
So Shakespeare beginning to end, in a day!

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