Saturday, June 4, 2011

Typical Saturday in London

So my Saturdays seem to have a common theme, they all state at Portobello, go see something London-y, then I eat something yummy.
So I don't actually go to Portobello every Saturday but I did this time. We had fun getting there because we decided to go by way of the tube so that some of the girls could get money out of the ATM that's by the Tube station. Funny story, the ATM wasn't working. We also all had to buy new tube passes for the week but the line was so long it was out of the station so we decided to just walk to Portobello which essentially meant walking right back past our home.
Once at Portobello I found a lot of things I liked, it was fun. I also got the apple turnover I always get and I'm pretty sure the lady recognizes me now. that's a little embarrassing.

So after Portobello we came home and got a little homework and stuff done and then it was off to the British Museum for us.

We got to see the Rosetta Stone, very cool.

We got to see a mummy or two.

This is Cleopatra, no big deal.

And we saw this statue, I forget what it's called but it was cool.

We also had some fun with the masks at the gift shop and Ellie may have laughed a little too hard because she split her pants, literally.

Then we went to Hamstead to get crepes. I got the same kind I got last time, if it isn't broke don't fix it, right?

Then we walked to this little park and just enjoyed the evening. It really was beautiful and one of my favorite moments. It was just so peaceful.

After crepes we stopped at Kings-cross station to see platform 9 3/4. Unfortunately it's under construction but they have a fake one up so we got pictures. We also got hit on by some drunk guys, that wasn't so much fun but hey it's London what can we expect.

After that we made a quick stop at Tesco to have food for Sunday. They were having a sale on corners. Corners are these awesome yogurt things with fruit or little chocolate things that you mix in. They are amazing and we are all addicted to them!

So that was my typical Saturday in London.

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