Sunday, June 5, 2011

Symbolic Sunday

So I really love Sundays here. I also love the fact that I blog about them because it makes me reflect on them which is something I don't think I do enough. SO this Sunday was fast Sunday and it was wonderful. It's amazing to think that I have been here long enough to go to two fast Sundays.
Our Sunday school lesson this week really was awesome. We talked about the parable of the ten virgins. Our Sunday School teacher had done a lot of research about what a marriage was like in Christ's time and related it to the parable. She talked about things like when the two families are negotiating things they break bread together and it is like a covenant between the two families. She also said that in the actual marriage they are considered married when the husband pours a glass of wine and the wife drinks it and that is when she takes his name upon her. It was cool to draw the parallels to this and us. She also talked about how dowery and endowment come from the same root word which was really interesting to me. She also talked about how after they are married the husband goes back to his fathers house to prepare a place for him and his wife to live and that he could be away for as long as a year and no one knows when he will come back for her. She also has to be prepared for him for whenever he comes and being prepared was more than just being ready to go. There were symbolic anointings and things she wore to be ready. There was also a messenger that would be a friend of the Husband that could communicate between them.
Sorry that I wrote all of that, I'm sure no one is really interested in it but I wanted to have it for myself. I'm sure you can see all the connections. I just think it was so cool that there was way more to that parable than just the ten virgins part, and that people of Christ's time would've seen all the other symbols because that was part of their culture. very cool!
So that was church.
Then after church I took a nap and then made dinner for my roommates. It was really fun to cook for them and it was basically because I had lots of food left and none of them had food. But it was fun to eat with my roommates and other people who walked into the kitchen kept saying how good it smelled so I guess that's a good compliment.

After dinner we had a fireside where we all bore our testimonies. I was worried that it would tun into a Thank-a-mony but it really didn't. It was really cool to hear how being here had really helped people's testimonies grow, including mine.
Being here has really helped me realize that Heavenly Father cares about my day to day life. And that he really knows me personally.
So I had another wonderful Sunday here in London.

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