Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Last Day in Paris

This morning started out with us going to Notre Dame. It was really beautiful but honestly I could only think about the hunch-back of Notre Dame the whole time :)
After that we went to this little memorial that is right near Notre Dame. Its for those who were killed in the Holocaust from France and it's kind of hidden. You basically go into this little park and then go under ground where the room looks a lot like a jail and then you can see into this hall that has crystals in it and there is one for every person who died. It was pretty cool, and I liked the fact that it wasn't super touristy.

After that we walked to the Pantheon which is not an easy walk because it was all up hill. We decided not to go in because the outside of that building is really the cool part anyways.
Then we walked over to go through the Catacombs. unfortunately the line was really long and the lady said we wouldn't be able to make it through by the time they closed. I was pretty bummed about that because that was something I really wanted to do but oh well I guess I'll have to go back to Paris.
We went back to our Hotel and got our stuff and went to the train station for our first night train. We had lots of time to kill at the train station but it wasn't bad. We bought some really good food and got on our train.
The train was pretty awesome because we had a cabin all to ourselves. I expected sleeping on a train would be really horrible but I got a decent amount of sleep. I couldn't hear the noise of the train over Joe's snoring anyways, which by this time I knew how to handle, Thank you ear plugs! :) So we said good bye to Paris and woke up the next morning in Germany.

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